Mick Jagger’s son James must have needed this crafty cigarette to calm his nerves as he made his stage debut. James, 22, became the first actor to spark up on a London stage since the smoking ban was introduced last month. Only last week his father’s fellow Rolling Stones Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood flouted the ban by puffing away at the O2 Arena, the former Millennium Dome.
But there was one difference between the two incidents – James had special permission to smoke, as it was vital to his acting role.
Jagger Jnr, a smoker himself, was undoubtedly grateful for the concession as he braved his preview night on Tuesday.
James, who turned 22 on his first night, said of his smoky debut: “It was quite funny, especially considering all the fuss with my dad’s band. He’s proud of me – not for smoking, but for getting up on stage.”
Richards and Wood certainly felt smoking vital to the artistic value of their performance at the O2 last week. A spokesman for the band insisted at the time that smoking was “an integral part of rock ’n’ roll”.
But the O2 Arena management company was still reprimanded by Greenwich Borough Council and warned that, if the smoking continued, they stood to pay a £2,500 fine on behalf of the Stones.

Philip Morris has introduced new cigarettes Bond Street Special and Next Slim

Philip Morris Sales & Marketing Company has introduced new lines of Bond Street and Next cigarette brands into the market.New Bond Street Special cigarettes are presented by three tastes - Rich, Mild and the lightest taste variation Bond Street Special Fine. The new line is designed to fit the segment of the most popular filtered cigarettes within 10-16 Russian rubles Bond price bracket. Introduction of these cigarettes into the whole market of Russia is to be in September of this year, although Philip Morris planned to do this in 2007.
“The consumers’ reaction on the new conception and a new cigarette design have inspired us to make the right decision to introduce the line into the Russian market, - said Inna Poluyanova, the chief of Philip Morris Sales & Marketing trademark group.”
Bond Street Special is a premium series of Bond Street cigarette brand.
, Beside Bond Street Special, Philip Morris Russia launches new variation of NEXT brand - NEXT Slim brand represented by two tastes: NEXT Slim Lights and NEXT Slim Super Lights.The trademark NEXT has won a prize and is a champion of the prestigious national trademarks competition due to the modern conception of cigarettes in the popular price segment.
Today the share of the NEXT cigarette brand constitutes 8% in the cheap cigarettes market, while the share of the whole segment in the market amounts to 20%.The designed of Bond Street Special and NEXT Slim is worked out by high skilled specialists Stuart Eadie Design (the United Kingdom) and Tong McKnew (Switzerland).Frederik Shtahl considers the renewal of cigarette brands and trademarks by Philip Morris reflects the tendency of rapid development and changes occurring in Russia. Thus, Philip Morris in Russia may be viewed as the most dynamic branch of the company.