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The history of cigarettes "Marlboro", which are now made in St. Petersburg, and, sadly, are available to each student. They appeared in 1924 in America as the ladies ("soft as May Day") and issued with a mouthpiece ivory or red - that was not visible traces of lipstick. In 1954 he established a production of "Marlboro" and stronger, and that cigarettes like men, but released them from the filter and - for the first time in the history of cigarette cases - packs a solid opening to the top, so that men could wear them in the pockets of jeans. In 1964 the country was invented "Marlboro", and by 1975 they became the best selling cigarettes in the world. Official appearance of cigarettes "Marlboro" in Russia refers to 1990. At the end of this beautiful story, I note that Wayne McLaren, the same "cowboy" with a cigarette in his mouth, which became a symbol of "Marlboro", died of lung cancer in 52 years.
But back to the Soviet Union of the 1970s.
Major Leningrad factory continued to operate for decades in producing their products. Sons smoked "White Sea" also because he smoked their fathers and grandfathers. True, not all the sons ... daughters prefer the cigarette.
Tobacco factories continued to evolve. In 1970-1986 years he factory. Uritskogo called Leningrad industrial association of the tobacco industry to them. Uritsky. In the early 1990s, the factory suffered third birth. It was acquired by American holding PJR Nabisco, then gone over to the Japanese company Japan Tobacco Inc. (Which is Headquartered in Geneva and has offices in over 40 countries). The owner of the factory became the company JT International. The total investment in the company's St. Petersburg factory "Petro" (formerly named. Uritskogo) totaled $ 400 million. After upgrading and renaming of Joint-Stock Company (JSC), "Petro" the company has become the largest and most modern cigarette production in Russia and the largest factory of JT International in the world. In 2008 it produced 8000 cigarettes per minute (about 50 billion pieces per year). Stamps issued "Petro" cigarettes and cigarettes (more than 20 titles), including "Peter I» (first released in 1995), "Russian style" license "Samel" (appeared in the U.S. in the early 1920s under the slogan of the advertising "Get yourself a camel»), «Winston», «Sakm» and others, are well known in St. Petersburg. In 2003, "Peter I» added "light" version - "Peter I Mild flavor," "Peter I light taste," "Peter I Super-light taste." Tsar Peter, founder of the tobacco business in Russia, did not expect, that's how things will turn that his name will be called the cigarette factory ...
In 2001, the factory "Petro" from the Middle Avenue Vasilevsky Island was transferred to the Peterhof highway, 71. Having visited the factory in April 2005, the author of this book with pleasure and surprise at cheap dinner in an excellent working the dining room, a cigarette is not tried, so to say anything about them can not, moreover, that a glass of juice would not exchange even a pack of cigarettes. Or even tobacco Zhukov.
In 2003 JSC "Petro" has been the largest taxpayer in our city. Heavy industry here, "smokes."
Let's go back to the factory to them. Clara Zetkin. In 1991 the factory was transformed into joint-stock company (JSC) from 1992 - JSC "Nevo Tabak". For more than 130 years, it is at the same address - Klin Ave, corner Bronitskaya street. This is one of the largest Russian tobacco companies without foreign capital. Every year, "Nevo Tabak" produces over 12 billion cigarettes - AN Shaposhnikov, founder of the production volumes are not even dream of. Now the company produces about 20 brands of cigarettes in the name of which sounds "Petersburg-North" theme. This Cigarette "Leningrad", "Peter the Great," "The Emperor", "Aurora", "Northern Palmira", "Prima Nebo" and others, as well as your favorite cigarette of the Russian North - "Arctic". On the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg in the firm released a brand of cigarettes, "1703" and bought his own equipment filtrodelatelnoe.
In 1994, the leasable area of ​​one of St. Petersburg companies founded the first factory of "Rhillip Morris» in North-West - "Philip Morris Neva." The second - "Philip Morris Izhora", the most powerful of the Russian factories «Phillip Morris», was built in the Leningrad Region "from scratch" and began work in February 2000. It is the largest investment project in Eastern Europe. In early 2002, «Phillip Morris» stopped production on "Philip Morris Neva", the company dismantled the equipment and all staff have moved on, "Philip Morris Izhora."
In 2003 the company «Phillip Morris» announced its intention to invest in expanding production 240 million dollars. In 2005, to be released 70 billion cigarettes.
In 1997 released their first cigarette at the factory "BAT-SPb", which was called to this "Rothmans Nevo". At that time it was one of the most modern plants of the tobacco industry in Russia. It belonged to an international company «BritishAmerican Toasso" (BAT), which produces light in such well-known in the camp of smokers around the world, from the Kuril Islands to the Cape of Good Hope, marks, as «Kent», «PallMall», «Lucky Strike», «Java ". In 2002 the factory had produced 20 billion cigarettes.
The company is located in Lahti, near St. Petersburg, where the next cigarette complex built warehouse.
Factory "Cres Neva", one of Russia's leading processors of raw tobacco, was founded in 1998. Then, the international tobacco group «Standard Commercial» acquired the unfinished plant from a representative of the defense industry JSC "Kirov Plant" in Gorelovsky district of Leningrad region. By investing in the construction and equipment company 18 million dollars, «Standard Commercial Group» has opened Russia's first factory for the production of "blow up" or expanded stem, which is used to produce "lighter» («light») cigarettes. Until that time, tobacco streak cigarette factory purchased abroad.
Other old St. Petersburg tobacco production has long been abolished and forgotten. Since the late 1990s, more polluting. True, thanks for the tobacco companies that no one has said.
Almost the only cigarettes, then coming on the market, was the "Space". It is worth recalling how many countries were involved in the manufacture of these cigarettes is very low quality. The "Cosmos" was the Austrian filter rim Austrian, French cigarette paper, Bulgarian or Indian tobacco, packaging boards Finnish, English and German film cellophane ribbon breaking.
The peak of enthusiasm for space theme cigarettes became "Soyuz-Apollo" who were born after the pilot flying the American "Apollo" and Soviet "Union" in July 1975 (although they appeared in the USSR, but not in the U.S.). Cigarette company released "Phillir Morris» with the participation of the tobacco industry in the USSR. Then in five cities in the former Soviet Union: Moscow, Leningrad, Kishinev, Baku and Sukhumi - established licensed production of "Marlboro". Truly - a space has no boundaries!
In 2004, in St. Petersburg had a few tobacco plants: in addition to "Petro" is Bat-Petersburg, nab. Sinks, 11, former "Rotmens-Neva", "British American Tobacco St. Petersburg", 3rd Cavalry Lakhta, 38, "Cres Neva" Volkhonskoye Highway 4, ZAO Philip Morris pluralism, Volkhonskoye Highway 7. All of them were members of the association of tobacco product manufacturers Tabakprom. There were also a few specialist shops selling tobacco, tobacco shops including a network of "snuffbox" (25 distribution centers). Tobacco products sold numerous kiosks.
In 2005, in St. Petersburg began to finally get rid of the many stalls surrounding the station. Cigarettes sold in these stalls all day and night units, packs and individually.
years on a former factory Semenov produce meat grinder and sausage factory equipment. Who is Semyonov, who is Max Gelts or even more, Clara Zetkin, nobody remembers. And few people remember what happened as recently as the early 1990s.
July 5, 1991 St. Petersburg government announced the introduction of stamps for sale smoke. Older people remember about the siege, reporters pounced on the government (well, not all, of course - mostly smokers). That headline in the newspaper "Smena" of 11 July: "My friend, leave a smoke! And in response - silence ... He forgot otovaritsya coupons. "
Began the same shortages of tobacco a year earlier. August 11, 1990 smokers blocked traffic on Nevsky Prospect, making it clear that jokes with them are bad. In the city there was a wave of tobacco riots. Then head of the Leningrad City Council a non-smoker AA Sobchak failed to find a peaceful solution to the problem, but to sate demand from Leningrad tobacco was not his best.
From 8 July to 5 August in full force left the factory workers to rest them. Clara Zetkin. July 15 began a collective leave of their colleagues from the factory to them. Uritskogo, which was to end on August 19. Produced at a factory that last cigarette, "Boom," "Flight," "Kronverk" and "Cosmos" still got the summer to the shops and, of course, in the pockets of smokers. But in order to buy tobacco had to stand in long queues. Many people today remember the queue in a tobacco shop on the 7th line of Vasilevsky Island, which is lined up on the escalator exit the metro station "Vasileostrovskaya" and dragged along the street.
Generally, in the 1990s has become a tradition to close cigarette factories in the summer - this time of year is especially felt air pollution.
Recently, there are good books, aimed at combating smoking. As rightly observed Svishchev T., author of a killer named "Loved tobacco - ahead of cancer," if there were cigarettes in a pack of ugly low-quality paper with names such as "ulcer", "Atherosclerosis", "Myocardial infarction", "Brain stroke ", the number of smokers would be diminished. If I had my way, I would be attracted to writing the names of cigarettes a particularly vicious matershinnikov have lost as a result of addiction to tobacco and lung or leg, along with members of the lost tobacco and authorities have lost all sensitivity. They have something to say. Give, give them to reflect on the names of cigarettes! And then I had to say something. For example - "Cough number 6" (light). Yes, that's my colleague and first reader of this book YN roundabout looks over his shoulder and offers his name: "consumptive", "Dream of tubercular," "End delay", "Atherosclerosis", "Ischemic", "Ulcerative" " hallucination "(ladies). Plenty of room for imagination for those wishing to practice in here wit no limits. Offers better to send to tobacco factories.
However, smoking from St. Petersburg continues to attach great importance to the impermissible. A smoker's health and say nothing - then let each speak with him myself. And talk seriously. And the sooner the better. For it may be that with myself and not talk if you continue to smoke, in spite of the Ministry of Health warning, no word on Botkin, who, dying at age 57, said: "If I did not smoke, it would have lived another 10-15 years. " Fine words, worthy to print them in batches, so that smokers have been happy to read in a minute smoke break.
St. Petersburg and peterburzhenki smoke cigarettes, cigarettes, pipes. October 10, 2002 in our city organized the first Russian company to connoisseurs of cigars. The founders of the society became general manager of Grandhotel 'Europe', Elmar Grief (Germany), manufacturer of Dominican cigars Jacques Melkonian (Switzerland, according to Grief - is "the best producer of cigars in the Dominican Republic") and Arsen Gasparyan, founder and publisher of the first Russian cigar magazine " Hecho A Mapo ". In the opinion of the gentlemen founders, the company aims to revive the forgotten traditions and noble style of salon culture. The culmination of cigar evenings - an elegant dinner at a restaurant Grandhotel. Beyond the walls of the hotel, this experience has not spread, and formed a mixture of tobacco Melkonyan cigars with brand Grandhotel "Europe" a wide range of smokers do not know. Even the existence of almost none of St. Petersburg had not heard. That's good.
Accident, but remembered the way the strings "of the poet-love of truth" Igor Irteneva:
I wear a jacket with stripes or, say, pants in a cage, get a cigarette from Pont Or, say, a cigarette.
On the "Pont" September 6, 2003 was held in St. Petersburg an international tournament in slow pipe smoking on the "Cup of Peter" (who else?). Home (do not know - the field? Room? Smoking room? Like and do not know whether they were on their pants in a cage) took first place by tightening the idea beyond belief. Defeated guests went home to practice on.
Stories are examples of when a person who was smoking a pipe or cigars, lived to very old age.
Winston Churchill would not hear about the dangers of tobacco use: "If the newspapers will write about what we need to quit smoking, I'd rather give up reading." It is written entirely in the spirit of Churchill, which is the envy of the non-drinker and non-smoker once said: "I drink a lot of little sleep and I smoke one cigar after another, so I'm at two hundred percent form." We must however admit that the former prime minister of England, having smoked his long life of about three hundred thousand cigars - a rare example of longevity among smokers. We wish the members of the St. Petersburg club cigar lovers and sympathetic good health. As well as confidence in their abilities and capabilities in excess of what had Churchill, put out the last cigar in the age of 91. "Collect my cigar, and I will start a war with you" - he said.
Churchill smoked cigars to twelve a day, but a war for the extermination of cigars he won 1st chancellor of German Empire Otto von Bismarck, without doubt or hesitation killed, like Churchill, fifteen cigars daily. "Smoking a cigar - it is divine," - said the Frenchman Victor Hugo, was the company referred to an Englishman and a German (as they did not know). They were joined by American Mark Twain who said on behalf of fellow addiction: "I, like everyone else, my cigars distinguish the brand, not to your taste." And have been and are experts on all continents, which are featured on cigar silk ribbon encircling a cigar; tape used to cigar no stained gloves and my fingers are not turned yellow and smelled of tobacco.
But it is, it seems, other times, and the ranks of smokers aristocratic thinning, and Churchill and Bismarck had long been a poor harvest. In 1999, the producers of the James Bond films have stated that smoking it will no longer be a bad example for young people takes. February 7, 2005 were forbidden to smoke in public places, even in Cuba - a country where until recently smoked one in four, and the image of Comandante always associated with constant cigar in his mouth. March 1 is forbidden to smoke everywhere in the kingdom of Bhutan. In Italy, no longer smoke in restaurants - a terrible ordeal for our rights! Annually from smoking worldwide die 5 million. The image of the Russians until the "look" with a cigarette rather than without it. I wonder how many more decades must pass (centuries?) Before in the history of tobacco in St. Petersburg will be putting an end?
Sailors (true sailors) will never throw cigarette butts into the sea because the sea - is the grave of sailors. We extend the analogy to the land and Tremble. Look again after a young peterburzhenke throwing a cigarette butt under his feet, and after she did it, watch it, of course, quite different eyes.
Case - tobacco. Once said so haulers. Brad knee-deep in water, they, as it became deeper and tried to hold the pouch up and up, and when the water was chosen "for tobacco," they'd say: it is - tobacco. Expression is not forgotten. Today, as they say in those cases where the hopeless, the situation is hopeless, dismal situation. And rightly say. Future of the tobacco does not. He has a history. This is the story of the disease from which people once cured. I tried to make this story not too sad, for a laugh, as you know, it's easier to part with its past.
Finally - the board of those who looks into the Internet more frequently than in the book. They also have something to read on the topic of interest to us. The most famous portal network Here are collected from various sources, numerous reports about the dangers of smoking,
provides a list of instructions and drug nicotine replacement therapy and provides answers to burning questions that ask smokers not venture out loud: Is it true that "light" cigarettes are less harmful, how effective coding, etc. In the "Memorials" can be found Congratulations to those who had quit smoking, for example, a hundred days ago, or - shudder to think! - As many as two hundred.
The website smokers can enjoy plenty of pictures of victims of addiction, finished with those same authorities to leave. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart. But is designed for those who just can not imagine to what is such a senseless, dangerous for human health (his own and others), the absurd, unfashionable and expensive lesson - smoking.

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